COVID-19 – New entry requirements for commuters

COVID-19 – New entry requirements for commuters


From February 10, new regulations apply to commuters. 

Commuting is considered to be regular entry at least once a month!


Here you can find translations in all languages:


The following documents must be carried:

  • Commuter confirmation (if not available, please request from us at
  • Negative Corona test result and medical certificate (only if the test was not done in Austria)
  • Confirmation of submission of the Pre-Travel Clearance Form
  • If available, registration certificate from Austria


Mandatory weekly testing

A negative Corona test result must be brought with you when entering the country, this must not be older than seven days. If the required test was not performed in Austria, it must be confirmed by a medical certificate.

Medical certificate template:


If the test result is issued in Austria, a medical certificate is not required. Here, you can take advantage of the free test offers, but making an appointment in advance is strongly recommended:

List of free test sites:


Please always carry the test result with you even after crossing the border, it must also be presented during traffic controls. 

A mere confirmation via SMS is not sufficient, it must at least be possible to display it as a PDF document which shows the following data:

  1. First and last name of the tested person
  2. Date of birth
  3. Date and time of sampling
  4. Test result 
  5. Signature of the person performing the test and stamp of the institution performing the test or barcode/QR code.


Registration before entering Austria:


An online registration form must be completed prior to entry(Pre-Travel Clearance Form).


Link to the Pre-Travel Clearance Form:


The registration form has to be completed whenever there is a change in your data. If there is no change, a new registration form must be completed in any case after 7 days.

After successfully registering online, you will receive a confirmation of submission, which must be presented at border control!


If online registration is not possible, the new forms (Annex E or Annex F) can be carried in exceptional cases.

Appendix E:

Appendix F:


Pre-Travel Clearance Form Completion Guide:

Check the very top point:




Confirm that you will bring the test result with you:




In the following, personal data, residence in Austria (if not available, place of residence, e.g. address of the employer) and travel details are requested. 


Translation of the points:




Personal data




First name


Date of birth


Austrian citizenship


Email address


Phone number



Residence or residence address in Austria (accommodation)




House number


Floor, door number


Zip code (Select city)



Travel details


Country of departure (home country)


Date of entry into Austria


Means of transport (car)


Car license plate number or flight/ship/train/bus number


Date of departure to Austria


Places you stayed in the last ten days




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.