HOGO Bau Solution

All-inclusive or directed, we are happy to accommodate your wishes. Due to our rich human resources from&nbsp the construction industry and all construction-related industries, we are able to handle your smaller projects in an uncomplicated and cost-effective way from a single source. In doing so, your satisfaction is our primary goal.

HOGO Bau Solution

The HOGO Bau Solution for:

Home renovation
Private new construction projects
Moving service
Maintenance and repair work
Cleaning services
All kinds of auxiliary work

Simple & straightforward

HOGO Bau Solution is your partner for small projects!


Private home New construction I Conversion I Renovation

Are you looking for personnel to assist you with your home and want to save money in the process?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new construction, conversion &nbspor renovation. We have specialists for all construction&nbsp requirements. (Structural &amp& civil engineering, plumbers, painters, drywallers, electricians, tilers, gardeners, etc.)

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