COVID-19 Information


Dear Sir/Madam, &nbspdear employees,

As you are certainly aware from the media, the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is progressing rapidly in Austria as well as in several other European countries.

For this reason, we have decided to temporarily close our branches in Ansfelden and Vienna! Should you have any questions or wish to apply for a vacancy during this time, you can of course do so easily without physical contact.


Contact details for Ansfelden:

Misel Danicic

Phone: +43 664 889 62 624



Contact details for Vienna:

Jasmina Gaupmann

Phone: +43 664 889 62 631



Our headquarters in Wels has set up an emergency operation, to which &nbspyou can also come in person. However, it would be in everyone's best interest &nbspto do so only in extreme emergencies.


Finally, we hope that you (and all of us) stay healthy!